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We offer high-quality, durable, clear span buildings for a variety of uses that include arenas, agriculture, composting, cold storage, aviation, boatyards, manufacturing and commercial applications. Our buildings are cost effective, naturally light, easy to maintain, and quick to install.

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NW Fabric Buildings is a full service building and design firm specializing in fabric buildings and construction project management. Whatever your requirements, NW Fabric Buildings has the experience, the expertise, and the vision to execute your project the way you want. With a diverse, dedicated and highly experienced staff, we bring creative, out-of-the-box solutions to your building projects.

Please feel free to explore our website and contact a sales representative at 360-746-6596 to discuss your needs.

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February 14, 2015 |

Foundation Option – Cast in Place Concrete

Cast in place concrete is one of the most widely used and adaptable options when it comes to anchoring your building. In its basic form, it is simply a concrete beam that runs under the steel trusses supporting the building load. The beam is installed very much like any type of concrete footing utilizing temporary forms and placed concrete. One of the big advantages of this type of construction is its adaptability to the project requirements. By utilizing cast in place concrete, we are able to configure the foundation to the building needs.  This can consist of simple beam foundations for arenas to complex wall systems used for commodity warehousing.  Obviously the configuration of...

January 19, 2015 |

Foundation Option – Ecology Blocks

Ecology blocks are a foundation option that utilize pre-cast concrete blocks for building support. Blocks can either be buried underground, or stacked above grade on a gravel bed. This option can be very cost effective depending on the size of the building and the height that is required. It is most generally used in agricultural and industrial settings where loaders and other heavy equipment are used to manipulate bulk materials. Advantages: Cost effective for buildings under 60’ wide. Entire building system is portable. Ability to add interior space by stacking blocks (up to 7.5’) Provides protection for building structure when equipment is used inside building. Simple to source blocks of appropriate quality. Installation of...

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